My Father's Little Tale!

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While I was still much younger, my father once told me that he sustained a terrible injury while playing this game of soccer. During his time as a young man, he grew up in the village with his parents where he helped his mother (my grandmother) hawk somethings to sell. But his love for the game was what took him to the city to play football where he sustained the injury.

So each time he sees us his children playing football, he's always excited because we remind him of his youthful age when he was still fit for the game and yes, he used to be a very skillful player. So I was called out by a friend and a former secondary classmate to come play with them in a match and guess what, we won!


Thanks for reading!


Haha... Love the piece. I think by now, your father should be playing foe Manchester United 😂.

Thank you for reading and yes my father should have been playing for Manchester o.... But Alex Ferguson refused to sign him 😁😁😁😁

Lol 😹 😂 maybe you will be the one to be sign to the team

You are sure you won, we will like to see highlights ☺

The highlight will be published soon...!!! 💝