Steem to the peak; Creative minds contest week1.



Are you creative? Are you innovative? Can you create real content? Why not earn some marlians and sports stake and grow your ulog-blog? Why not grow your sports and Marlians power so as to help us in curating real contents to grow the communities.

It is a very simple and easy to do task. All you need is to be real and creative. You will write a promo-steem ulog that is sport related. You can dig-write on any sport related subject or topic.

Your ulog must state how you applied an idea in promoting steem through sports. My vision is to the take steem to the peak. So your ulog must be sports related and promo-steem related.

For example; you can write...

[Bdoy] ; I met with a football team and influence the entire team. I got them registered on steem and told them they can share some sports post or activities and earn some sports token,marlians token and steem helping us grow the community.

Add pictures where necessary!

My intention is to see how I can promote both and which will eventually lead to the growth and promotion of the steem blockchain as both tribes are under the steem blockchain. I'm also about using this contest as means of creating a bond-unity between marlians and sports token. Also I look forward to helping you 'mine your human'.

Only first and second winners will be announced and both will receive their rewards after the seventh day of this post.

• First will receive 100 Marlians stake and 1000 sports stake.
• Second will receive 50 Marlians stake and 500 sports stake.

As we go on about the contest, the price will be increased. But let's first show our commitment starting from now!

Let's grow steem together👍

• Write your post via, or
• Ensure to use the following tags; #marlians, #sportstalk, #steemtothepeak
• Avoid tags abuse. I.e Do not try to use any tag just to earn the token. Use tags related to your content only,
• Just one entry per-person is allowed,
• Your entry must be promo-steem, sport related and must also be your own (ulog) innovation. ('The intention is to see how I can help you mine your human'),
• Entry is valid until the payout of this post,
• Resteem and upvote this post.
• Also include pictures where evidence is necessary.

You can submit your entry as a link on the comment section of this post.

If you are ready, start digging and mining for ideas.

Imput your entries, goodluck!

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