UFC Fight dPoll Results

in dPoll6 months ago

My little experiment in figuring out how good I am at guessing MMA fight results has now gathered 17 data points:


  • dPollers were right 65% of the time
  • Bettors and I were right 71% of the time
  • dPollers got 5 consensus bets wrong and only managed to win against consensus twice.
  • My betting only delivered 3 out of consensus bets where I could have made some money and I got 3 consensus bets completely wrong. So far it doesn't look like I should get into sports betting anytime soon.

How do odds work: (-) indicates the favourite, (+) indicates the underdog

​ Usman -220 means you pay 220 in order to win 100

​ Masvidal + 190 means you pay 100 to win 190

Odds from William Hill via https://www.bestfightodds.com/

List of UFC events: Wikipedia

Vote for my witness: @blue-witness