+86,000 Sports Staked. Higher Than Before.

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This staking thing of mine is for the long run, the joy in staking is one of a kind, much more better than farming pool, it's getting very interesting by the day. I personally just can't stop staking because I'm not closer to my 2020 goal which I bwasnt able to achieve.

So, here I am with the one final step before the last one, I'm staking +86,000 Sports.

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Sometimes, it's boring doing this, sometimes it's not, especially when you have to put all your earning back into the treasury once again in other to earn more. One other thing I love about staking is since my vote goes round the whole ecosystem of Sportstalksocial, I see myself distributing votes to authors that can amount to something at the end of the month. It's a very good thing to do. I am enjoying it day by day.

Now, I've reached 9.9m staked, just one more staking and I'm on my promised land. Tadaaaa 😜🎉🎊🤩💞💓💕💝❤️💖🎄

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Keep up the good work sir


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