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RE: Speed Matters - Learn Self Defense

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@rezoanulvibes, We never know which situation will going to greet us in which face so we have to be prepared to react. If we are not prepared then anyone can dominate us. Stay blessed.

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That's true. I'm making content about martial arts and self defense to spread awareness. Hope some people will find it useful and take action to learn martial arts. It will have a positive impact on their life and save their life against possible attack.

Thank you @chireerocks for taking the time for reading my post and giving your feedback. Have a nice day!

Welcome and thank you so much. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the Knowledge.

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While talking about martial arts, I already shared something that is from India. I know there are great things in India that we can talk about. Here are some posts that I already shared.

Thank you so much @chireerocks for your kind words of encouragement! I appreciate that!
See you around! :)

Great to know about that and keep exploring and keep Awakening more people towards self defense. Stay blessed.

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