OCD Sportstalk Incubation Curation Update

This week has been another productive week for the @sportstalksocial tribe as we move on to 1624 members up another 35 this week. I think it is getting more noticeable these days as there seems to be more posts appearing on the tribe which is exactly what we need. At this rate of growth we should reach 2000 members within a couple of months.

This week @ocd curated on 25 posts which is heading in the right direction and would love to see 5 per day and then 7 as I believe this figure can be doubled as the community grows. What I will need is help so we should be adding a new curator for sports. One thing I have been is fair to everyone as this is how it has to be. Having an extra set of eyes will just make curating more balanced so no quality posts are missed or overlooked. If you are an active community member in sportstalk and interested in joining me please drop a comment on this post.

I am sure everyone has been following the advertising revenue statistics published by @patrickulrich during the week. The key point is these rewards are being set aside for development which as we grow will only increase in size. Development is what is going to set the various tribes apart in the future so this is crucial that things are moving forward or being improved upon.

Staying busy is the true art to growing on Hive and I have noticed my normal feed has slowed down, but the sports posts are increasing which is a very healthy sign. Sports and Hive is easier to earn when there is less activity so staying busy is always the way to think and not looking at the price. Grow your base and support during the quieter times which will always lead to more success.

Looking around on sportstalk there are so many talented authors which is helping to increase the overall quality of the site. Sports as we all know has a massive following worldwide and there is no reason why this tribe can't be the biggest on Hive in the near future. Everyone here today is just so early on in the overall transformation that Sports and Hive will no doubt see and go through.

@3Speak is also part of the @ocd curation incubation project so please if you have the skills give it a try. There are more and more personal video content hitting our tribe but we need loads more. The one good thing is there tons of support from various projects and this is just another example.

Last month we had just 1350 unique users visit sportstalk and somehow we need to attract more.

According to Alexa we are down on engagement again this month which I can well believe as very few posts seem to get commented on. I went back and checked how far we have dropped according to the rankings and we have lost over 50% of what we had 3 months ago.

Anyone have any suggestions about getting more eyes on @sportstalksocial as we need to try something. I have seen Leofinance whales opting to upvote twitter posts and maybe that is not such a bad idea. I am game for trying anything as we all need to be proactive in our tribe growth.

Thanks again to @ocd and their community for providing such valuable support to the Sportstalksocial tribe. If you have some extra Hive Power please consider delegating to @ocdb for which you will receive a daily payout reward.


Part of the problem is that sportstalk doesn't rank in SERP and the reward system on Hive, in general, has never encouraged creators to produce content that will. Why spend time writing evergreen articles that drive traffic to the domain over weeks, months and years when the reward system pays out after 7 days? Probably better to just post your step count with a picture of a flower!

According to Moz.com this is sportstalksocial's top-ranking page in SERP with the keywords "Mario Gomez Injury"


Of course the footballer in questions name is actually Andre Gomes the Portugese midfielder not Mario Gomes the former German striker so not likely to be generating a lot of traffic!

Unless we are able to encourage users to create content that will drive traffic to the site then I think sportstalk's engagement numbers will be very much dependent on the price of BTC which is probably what we are seeing in the Alexa ranking above. Increase at the start of the year as BTC gained value and fall in the past 6 weeks as BTC passed its ATH.

If you think about the rewards in terms of half of them coming out in hivepower that over time grows and gives you more and more influence, APY and many other benefits in the future (such as airdrops, account creation, possible smart contracts requiring RC's you'll be able to lease out) posts do seem evergreen in that sense, unless of course you're selling everything.

On top of that who's to say front-ends like peakd won't at some point introduce adrevenue sharing with the authors. You're right, though, that authors should attempt to SEO their posts better, it doesn't require a lot of extra effort and even though there's no evergreen right now, it'll easily could be added in other ways in the future. Not like rewarding an author for old posts is that difficult to do, not like you need to vote up the same post, if they're active you can cast them a vote on a new post or a comment (linear curve coming up making that easier) and of course there's also feeless tipping.

So what I'm trying to say is that evergreen active post rewards is kind of overrated. :)

"If you think about the rewards in terms of half of them coming out in hivepower that over time grows and gives you more and more influence"

That's a good point. I hadn't really considered it in that sense.

Lol. This is very true and also saw that on SERP. Engagement is all about price as this has been replicated all over Hive in the last few weeks plus from previous experience as it is that obvious.

advertising revenue statistics published this week was very huge and impressing and OCD is really advancing and encouraging when keen in communities on hive , Hive.blog is just the talk of town at the moment and it is doing perfectly well

I am quite new but I don't pay much attention to the rating of the posts. I think that most of the users who post do it to win and it is logical that it is so. But the average should be done over a considerable period of time.

In the first six posts I have published I have obtained very good votes and discrete votes. But the rule is that. I don't get discouraged when I see few votes and I don't get excited when I see many. Balance I think is the basis of these platforms.

And above all, try to publish quality and original content with a certain regularity. Which does not mean every day. Simply with a certain constancy that, in my case, are 1-2 posts per week.

I will try to increase this rhythm without neglecting the quality and presentation of the articles. On the contrary, I will try to improve them.

Greetings to all.

OCD is really helping alot of communities on hive,it keeps giving them great support.

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advertising revenue statistics published this week was outstanding indeed and OCD is really helping when keen in communities on hive. Hive.blog is doing well

Well, I personally feel the numbers of members would keep growing but I don't think many to stay put as the system is not really so slick to keep sports writers and lovers on board. I feel we don't even get much people to read the contents and even the earning system also pushes some away when they don't get to see more then some few cents on their at least 400 words posts.

I don't know, but who do you think we can improve the community to actually keep our good writers and readers?

OCD is doing great, OCD performance and activities is really boosting a lot of motivation in this tribe.
Though I believe sports is the biggest worldwide activity so if we can cultivate that a make it reality for people to see the joy it brings am sure sportstalk taking over hive ecosystem as the biggest tribe is so close to us.
Thank you all.

Congratulations brother, the community grows and very fast, certainly the works are of quality and the curators are also aware of it. Sport is in everything and everywhere, so there are always things to talk about and develop. A hug brother