Sportstalk Curation Showcase

It is that time of the week again to look back and show everyone some of our top posts in the sports community. These posts are still open for curation rewards so please feel free to cast a vote if you have any spare Voting Power.

I always am on the lookout for new users and it is easier said than done lately. Many are joining daily yet many are counted out and excluded due to their lack of involvement besides posting. Fortunately by highlighting this issue many will save their Hive careers as we have caught them early on. Everyone featured on these posts is a pillar of strength in the community and they turn quality out on a regular basis.

Ohtani, el protagonista de una película [ESP] // [ENG] Ohtani, the star of a movie || OPINION

First up to the plate this week is @fermionico with a great post describing how a Japanese baseballer is writing Hollywood endings for the games he stars in. This game @fermionico describes has Hollywood all over it. Bottom of the 9th with two batters out and it is up to you to make a name for your self. A bit cheesy except this happened in real life and what makes these moments and games so special. Just a real pity the stadium wasn't full of cheering fans as it doesn't matter whop you support when this type of thing happens as it is pure magic.

Liverpool's Alisson Becker and exuberant goalkeepers

I tried to avoid @ablaze this week yet couldn't as he has given us another decent post. Many of us are aware of Liverpool's goal keeper Alisson who scored a winner in injury time this week. This goal could turn out to be the most important goal of their entire season if it keeps them in the Champions League.

@ablaze mentions and highlights a few other goal keepers that stand out for various reasons. Some are there as showman but they are all still really good yet no one quite knows what to expect next when the ball is at their feet.

[ESP-ENG] En Suecia mandaron las reinas de España -- In Sweden, the queens of Spain ruled

This weekwe have a new author @marylopez36 added to the showcase where she talks about Barcelona (ladies) winning the Champions League. No there is no Lionel Messi in drag as they beat Chelsea 4-1 during the week.

I think the Barcelona men are in a stage of rebuilding right now so at least trophies are still flowing in even if it is from the fairer sex. I have to admit I never watched the game and had no clue it was even on and was a little mesmerized by this trophy photo. The lady next to the captain holding the trophy looks rather tall and just hope she is jumping but even still she just looks incredibly tall even if she is jumping. I would like to see more posts on ladies sport as #sportstalksocial seems a bit one sided so having a balance may attract more female members.

Everyone I just want to say thank you for writing about so many different topics making the curation such a pleasant task to perform. Please keep writing as staying active is how we grow not only our accounts, but also attracting new users to sports and Hive in general.


It is very kind of you to mention this server.

Sport has always been an integral part of my upbringing; but in my maturity stage, it has become a never-ending source of satisfaction. I always dreamed of being a sports writer and #Hive has given me the opportunity.

I am grateful with you to be able to note my contributions, I have no choice but to say goodbye in gratitude.

My pleasure to support everyone who contributes to sport and you are doing an amazing job over there. I am very happy we are overlapping like this as it is adding to the overall quality for everyone to see. If you have members on your site who haven't joined the @sportstalk site yet please let them know and to include the #sportstalk tag when they post. Thanks again to you for what you are doing.

We will gladly include an ad in our weekly Friday magazine, where we choose the best 7 posts of the week. Our community was born to support Spanish-speaking creators, but many of them already write in your community as well. In fact, they found out about your site through comments in a post made several months ago. But it's always good to let the newcomers know about your alternative. So, count on our support!

Glad to see your dream coming true, through hive and the Sports Talk Social community.

Thanks you, your support is very important for my new articles. I love sports and want to continue in Hive for a lot of time.

Welcome @marylopez36

It's great to have you here, I look forward to reading more of your content 👍

Muchas gracias, espero seguir aportando.

De nada

Sincere thanks for the support and kind words again @cryptoandcoffee

Similar to @fermionico, i feel like a part time sports journalist these days, which is pretty cool!

Thanks a million for helping to facilitate that.

You guys deserve it as the rewards only reflect the quality and wish you could get more for the effort you guys put in.

Thanks a million, these sports posts are by far my best supported, and are a big reason why I continue to post every day and twice a week in Sports Talk Social. 👍🍻

Awesome stuff this week! It is cool that they are putting out new and exciting stuff. I have been trying to write a bit more myself. It hasn't been consistent, but the quality is always at the level you expect. I hope we can continue to help this community grow!

Tremendous selection this week brother, congratulations, the community is advancing by leaps and bounds. Greetings @cryptoandcoffee