My NFL Week 14 2019-2020 Season Predictions

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Dallas Cowboys, 15ATChicago Bears, 20 (W)
Carolina Panthers, 20ATAtlanta Falcons, 27 (W)
Indianapolis Colts, 30 (W)ATTampa Bay Buccaneers, 16
Miami Dolphins, 17 (W)ATNew York Jets, 14
San Francisco 49ers, 27ATNew Orleans Saints, 40 (W)
Detroit Lions, 16ATMinnesota Vikings, 21 (W)
Denver Broncos, 13ATHouston Texans, 21 (W)
Baltimore Ravens, 20ATBuffalo Bills, 27 (W)
Cincinnati Bengals, 20ATCleveland Browns, 21 (W)
Washington Redskins, 14ATGreen Bay Packers, 27 (W)
San Diego Chargers, 16ATJacksonville Jaguars, 19 (W)
Pittsburgh Steelers, 27ATArizona Cardinals, 31 (W)
Tennessee Titans, 24 (W)ATOakland Raiders, 14
Kansas City Chiefs, 31ATNew England Patriots, 35 (W)
Seattle Seahawks, 27ATLos Angeles Rams, 36 (W)
New York Giants, 18ATPhiladelphia Eagles, 30 (W)


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I think you have the Vikings now at 4-9 at this point in the season if you're right with your predictions... I don't know but I would guess you have them finishing last in the division at this point... How is the draft class looking for 2020 anyway?! 😆

hahaha you will have to wait and see where they place when I finally post the standings, man I have no idea actually I am sure we will hear about the draft soon. I am such an NFL nerd mostly, There are so many college teams it's hard for me to keep up sometimes lol but i do enjoy it casually for sure

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