Trick #2 - a trick for danilo - Nollie fs heelflip!! NEW TRICK!! and information about my dad.

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Please friends read this before watching the video please!

Lately my dad has been resting at home, waiting for the second round of chemotherapy, I have changed several HIVEDOLLARS, I know that the currency is not at its best, and I want to thank once again all those who have collaborated, I have sold some HIVEDOLLARS for buy fruits some gauze, juices among other things, if the time comes when I have to liquidate all my hive I will do it, for my dad!

The day was very sunny and I wanted to go for my second trick, from the series that I do for my dad, I chose nollie fs heelflip because it is a trick that I have never tried, I have never managed to fall, I left the camera recording for 3 hours and only I managed to find 2, I think that to be my first nollie fs heelflip is not bad, but I will not leave this trick so I will find a better one for the next video.


Trick List:
1.-Caballerial fs noseslide
2.-Nollie fs heelflip

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Yeah brother, new tricks always feel awesome don't they?Nollie Fs Heels are such a fun trick to do G andyou did it really good for first time! Congrats brother!

How about you try a Halfcab crooked 180 out the hard way for Tricks for Danilo #3?

I wish a fast recovery to your father G and I'm here if you need anything man! Sorry for not texting but I am very very busy these days

That trick is on the list but later on, I forgot the last time I got a crooked half cab, imagine it bs out hell !!!
the 3rd tomorrow you will know brother.

Man that looked like the second to last run hurt!

yes brother, absolutely, the next video will make a better one.

It is only through overcoming the pain will you enjoy the glory 💖

Stay strong my friend and continue applying yourself at what ever fills your soul!