Road to the trick of my dreams #1 Fs Tail slide - SKATEHIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, as you could read in the title, I have wanted to achieve this trick for a long time, and I say time to more than 4 years, it is incredible all the years that have passed and I still have not achieved the trick.
For a moment I thought that I am not ready for these tricks, I always tried the trick for 5 minutes and I told myself I will leave it for tomorrow and that is how all these years have passed.
As everyone knows or most who support me and watch my videos know that my father is going through a terrible disease, he has cancer and everything my father has to go through to overcome this disease goes through my mind.
He makes me pluck up my courage and put a new goal in myself, as a person, skateboarder, friend, dtuber, hive user, in not leaving for tomorrow what I can do today.
I can accept that many tricks I do not dare to do for fear of falling, but this is an extreme sport that is part of learning, so here is my first step to one of many tricks that I will be willing to learn, most of all for me, for my father and for the community.
@knowhow92 I'm happy that I at least managed to make the figure, but it didn't roll, will there be any wax missing? Do you think the last shots even though it won't roll, are they okay?
I promise the following video to achieve it as a matter of place, I hope you enjoy the video friends.


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it is incredible all the years that have passed and I still have not achieved the trick.

I feel you on that man. I've been trying fs tails forever. I've landed a couple, but they were flukes. The few I've landed that actually slid, I accidentally did them to fakie. Maybe try that? It helps me.. even though it's not intentional. But I feel it helps you keep your weight and pressure in a better spot on your back foot.

Mad love to your pops <3

Thanks for the comment friend, I hope I can train you more and be able to achieve it as I really want

You got it homie!! You've got the pop in on lock

Yo G, this was really good for first attempts bro.

One piece of advice is to get your shoulders ready and do the rotation before you pop. That's what helped me learn fs tails.

Go for it brother, I know you got this ❤️❤️❤️

ok G, do I roll my shoulders before I do the pop?

Yeah bro

hell buddy i'm too upset, yesterday i spent all day trying tailslide and none worked out right my mind is really blocked for this trick?

Buen truco amigo 🤘🔥

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si hermano, estare demasiado contento cuando logre deslizarlo, pero no me quejo despues de muchos años al menos me estoy acercando, saludos hermano.

A mi el tailslide me da algo de miedo 😂 aunque voy probando en bordillos bajitos