Maguire should not be compared to van dijik

in #sportstalklast year

The red devils have made the England centre half the world most expensive defender considering his recent move to Manchester united for €80M, we are made to understand that Manchester united has paid double of the worth of Harry maguire.

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Van dijik who was the world most expensive defender has been dropped down with maguire recent transfer. In 2018 Van dijik moved to Liverpool with an astonishing fee of €75M, we are made to understand that he has been worth every penny since the day of his transfer as he has performed extremely well and so no regrets.

Van dijik should be worth around €200M now if he wants to move to any big team. That is the price tag that will be put out for him when the time comes, as he has improved rapidly and showed to the world that he is the best. Maguire will have to step up to show the world he is really worth that fee.

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