Go fishing and break fast with family.

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Go fishing and break fast with family.

There are so many classic stories that are beautiful to remember and are timeless, but these stories are meaningless if they are not recorded with an ink of remembrance.

Saturday, 17/4/2021, was a very tiring day for me to go through, I continued to live various activities and daily routines with great enthusiasm, even though I was currently fasting, I continued to carry out activities and routines as usual.


Starting from getting up early and cleaning up, the first activity I did was to go fishing with friends on the beach. By using a speed boat we go straight to the middle of the beach to do a sport that is liked by all people, fishing is also one of my hobbies.


Our presence in this activity was not long, since we were in a state of fasting, we only did this activity for a few hours. The fishing yield today was also slightly less than usual, I only got one fish today from the fishing rod. But that's more than enough for today, after fishing we went straight back to our homes.


The next thing I did at home was to clean myself and perform the midday prayer, after praying I went straight to the fields to see the development of watermelon fruit growth. This year, after the rice harvest, what I do is plant watermelons in the rice fields, I always do this activity after the harvest arrives.


Planting watermelons is not as easy as planting rice, this plant must be looked after and cared for very professionally. I just planted this time, assisted by some friends who were full of persistence, we planted it together. It is likely that in the next few weeks the watermelons will be harvested, if there are no obstacles.


After activities in the rice fields, I immediately returned home to clean myself and perform the Asr prayer. After this activity I immediately went out of the house to go around the city waiting for iftar, the streets in the city center were jammed, this was due to the density of public vehicles who were also busy looking for breaking the fast menu.


After walking around the city, I stopped at a cafe to enjoy breaking the fast with my family, although it is very simple but it means a lot to me. My cousin and I, who had not met for a long time, immediately let go of our homesickness with a handshake, before breaking our fast we shared stories with each other, causing exciting and funny discussions.


Not long after, the time for breaking the fast finally arrived, my family and I immediately enjoyed the simple iftar menu. Enjoying some sweet dates, my family and I immediately performed maghrib prayers at the mushala cafe. After praying, we continued with the food menu which had been delayed very simply, the initial meeting was not long, we immediately returned home to continue our respective activities.


The next thing I did was to perform the evening prayers and tarawih at the mosque, tonight as usual I fulfilled this obligation at the village mosque.


After praying, what I do is enjoy a cup of coffee in a coffee shop in the village, enjoy a cup of coffee tonight not long, due to fatigue I immediately returned home after enjoying a cup of Acehnese coffee.