Fitness and Cone Work

All the photos attached in this post are the photo of the boys during fitness training. So much fitness was done for long minutes, I think that would be around 40 minutes plus. I will mention the exercises as follows but before that, I would love to thank @charityball for the frequent tips. We so much appreciate it and it gives us a positive vibe that someone out there in the world appreciates and believes in what we do.

Up to eight cones were arranged vertically for the warmups.

JOG AROUND CONES: The boys' jogged around the cone in circular for more than 10 minutes, that's how the jogging around cones is done. This is easy to grasp from the name.

HIGH KICKS: This exercise involves jugging and kicking up your leg for up to 90 degrees

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HIGH KICKS with Twist: The high kick with a twist is similar to High Kicks but the difference is that you're moving your leg sideways, and you're curving it in and out.

SIDE STEPS: The side-step exercise is jogging around the cone while looking at the cone. You're moving with your sides this time.

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GROINS AND CLAP: You do groins by raising your thigh and taking it inwards and outwards, you do it with both the right and left feet.

RAINBOWS: Rasing up one of your legs on each cone and dropping it within the cone, and repeat.

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FORWARD ZIG ZAGS: You move in within the cone by standing on your toes and moving sideways inside and outside the cones.

FORWARD-BACKWARDS: This is very easy. You move from the first cone to the second cone and move back, you then move from the second to the third and move back the second, repeat these steps till you exhaust the cones.


These exercises are best explain in a video, we will be doing videos as soon as we get the gadget ready for it.

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This is a fantastic report and update from the local football. We also need to learn from our local football as well and not limit our knowlege to international football and players.

Fantastic exercise as well. This is cool.