Tricks over a Drawboard

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Hello to everyone and welcome to my blog!

Some days earlier in one of our skate session with tomig, we found this drawboard and we thought it would be nice to land some tricks over it.

And on this post you will see my tricks over this drawboard!

λύκειο τόταλ.png

Press the Play Button and check out these tricks on my Channel !

Big ups to my friends @tomig for his help in filming and @frza.azazel for his help about music!
Check their profiles for more infro!




Nice mate! Kickflip was super clean, same for the Pop Shuvit!

Didn't know that @frza.azazel was a beatmaker! I might need some beats for my future edits too!

Sure bro!
If you need anything let me know!!


Thank you bro!
I did not think I would ever land it.
the @frza.azazel is good in many things and of course in music it is elusive.

Bro amazing tricks! Next time try a tre flip over this sh*t.

Thank you buddy, hahaha this flip was my best trick that I could land over this sh!t hehehe