NHL announces details of playoff format

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Today the NHL announced the playoff format for the 2019-2020 season.

The Qualifying Round will be a best of 5 series and the rest will be

the best of seven games series.

For all the details you can go here:


It includes the details ob which teams will be considered the home team, which

does not mean much with no fans and no real home games.

Soon I hope some of the players will be skating on ice.

Have a great one all


A lot of announcements but are they actually going to play.
Become a fan of Rugby League in Oz it is back and been played and I am loving it.
We are spoilt maybe but the game was only stopped for 6 weeks so not many revisions had to be made they just extended the season.

I wish they had done that here, they just ended the regular season and are going in playoffs would like to have the season completed then go into the playoffs