Celebrate UEFA Euro Cup with the OKEx community

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I borrowed the title from the OKEx exchange* initiative.

There are many options on how you can enter the draw for the prizes.

You have a chance to win an iPhone 12 (256GB) and a share of $100,000 in rewards paid out in $USDT.

Apart from the activity on the OKEx exchange* itself there are three mini-games related directly to #euro2020.

There is some effort and time involved if you want to participate. Things are not free after all. You invest your time, knowledge, and social reputation.

Yet, the rewards are good and it's well worth making some effort to get the chance to participate in them.

Two minutes to the start of the Italy vs Turkey opening match ...


Join the OKEx exchange* Euro 2020 games, have fun and get rewards. Good luck!

By the way, here is the complete match schedule in PDF.

OKEx exchange* is a referral link. Join through it and we can both earn the following rewards:

  1. When your referral completes the following tasks and claims rewards within 30 days of registration, you’ll earn 3 rewards, each worth $10 in BTC:
    Buy crypto: you’ll both receive up to $10 in free BTC when your referral completes their first crypto purchase of $100 or more via Buy/Sell.
    Deposit crypto: you'll get 10 USDT rebate card when your referral passes the photo verification and makes their deposit of $100 in crypto.
    Trade: you’ll get 10 USDT rebate card after your referral completes the trading task.
  2. Once you have 10 referrals who’ve claimed $10 rewards for buying crypto, you can become an OKEx affiliate and start earning % of your invitees’ trading fees. In that case, you’re no longer eligible to receive the referral rewards.
  3. Rewards are credited to the account on the following day at 18:00 (UTC+8).
  4. Referral rewards are added to your primary account only.

Better and better

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