Where we go from here?

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As many Steemians I also jumped both feet first into the sea of tribes and their tokens.



While I have still some "issues" seeing the sense in some they are exciting for investing and building communities.

On the other hand they remind me a bit of the ICO craziness we had 2 years ago where people thought everything needs to be tokenized.

Still I am willing to take bets in form of buying some of those tokens and build my stack.

The tribe I have been the most involved is by far sportstalksocial.com, while I have a not been posting very regular there I am up and downvoting there pretty much everyday.

I have still a good chunk of my Steempower delegated to the sportsvoter bot.

I have read that some posts got downvoted which were using the bot though and while it was a very profitable investment, I think I should remove my delegation in the spirit of #newsteem.

I liked the idea of burning tokens and help out the tribe but I like the idea of a pretty much bot free Steem even more and I see the tribes complementary to the whole Steem ecosystem and not instead so we should move in a direction which is not hurting Steem.

We don`t allow bots in our tribe but we send them of to our Motherbase....

I am trying to at least curate daily on Steemit.com and maybe I even pump out a shitpost.

I read posts from people thinking about going all in on certain tribes and while I would love to see tribes succeed I think that is just freaking insane.

In my opinion tribes will be tied to Steem for a long long time if not ever. So Steem will be to those tokens what BTC is for the whole crypto space at the moment.

In addition the liquidity is not really given so if you would need to cash out and you build up a bigger stake, there is a good chance you will crash the market.

After saying all that I bought a bit more Pal and Leo tokens and I just stumbled across Dblog and had to buy some of those as well.

I still have a huge bag of Epic Token and I earn some QuratorToken through a delegation while I think I might remove that delegation again also in the spirit of #newsteem.

Which tokens/tribes are you involved in? Do you think delegating to bots is still fine? Especially a question to the Sportstalk people should we maybe close the bot?


If/When SMT's come out is gonna be a fun time to see how that plays out 'vs' the tribes,
grabs popcorn :P

I think they can coexist maybe there will be way less fuss about them though

For me I stuck with Sportstalk, I tried Photostreem but failed to make friends hehehe.
I do love photography though.



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There are many interesting tribes but they have diluted the user base somewhat but hopefully, it is that very choice that can onboard new and niche users to Stee in the future.

As for the bot, I say leave it. It's only a dollar upvote that doesn't even get users past the curve and whilst we have such strong moderation here, I personally don't see it as a bad thing. The profits are tiny in any case.

What I would like to see is a liquid/stake split on reward. I originally loved the idea of the free choice being given to users but I now see splitting as necessary evil to ensure the strength of the token. Would be interesting to hear what others think.

Finally, I'm back in Thailand at the weekend where we run an online bookshop and I'd like to send you some English books for the child you're sponsoring so I will try and catch up with on discord after the weekend to get an address to send them to if thats ok.

Best wishes to you

a liquid/stake split on reward.

That's a good idea. I'd support it.


same here about the mixed rewards

That is very nice of you. Message me when you ready.

So far, my focused tribe is mainly Sportstalksocial because of the kind of community here. I love the vibe and the people here, helping one another. I also love how the top investors move here that's why I have also more than 1m in Sports Power.

On the other hand, I was also busy accumulating Epic tokens in the form of betting. There are times I lose a lot but I do believe the risks that I am taking is just a part of a bigger picture of winning. There are crazy times I lose a lot of Steems (for the record, 1600 Steems in a span of hours).

I sure do like the way a little upvote was burning the tokens, I can see that bots are taboo now. I hope it's for the best and it sure has changed the trending.

I think trending changed for the better....like a lot

yup, no more Bernie and grumpy cat types.

lol @grumpycat Now there's a blast from the past!!

Far as I know, you're doing a pretty amazing job you should try to post more articles on sportstalk really, I'm enjoying the tribe as well because I was a sport analyst so I keyed into the beauty of the tribe.

I will try for sure

Of course, I've not been able to come around your blog much; I'll check out for them

Now you can focus on specific tribes according to your passion. You can express yourself the way you want and you will meet like-minded people over there. That's great.

SportsTalkSocial is one of my favorite tribes. I also stumbled across Dblog and bought some DBLOG tokens.

Bidbot free steem would be great and we already see how the trending page of Steemit has been changed. :)

Protect the Motherbase!

Sent to NULL for tribe promotion and sack the bots off imo.

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