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Not just a mascot

9 minutes best of Benny

"Benny the Bull" is the mascot of the Chicago Bulls

Benny is not only known by the fans of the Chicago Bulls, but is also one of the most famous sports mascots worldwide. Benny doesn't just dance around during the break. He is athletic and has a similar training workload as the professional basketball players in his team.

He is an excellent basketball player and an even better dancer. A complete entertainer. He has been acclaimed as one of the most popular mascots of all time, including being named the most popular mascot in sports by Forbes in 2013.

Picture: Tony the Tiger /Wikimedia

Of course, Benny the Bull also has its own Youtube channel.

The big, bad cousin, the weed dealer

"Da Bull," is the cousin of "Benny the Bull" and has been busted for allegedly selling marijuana from his car in 2004. 15 years ago usatoday.com wrote:

Chester Brewer, 31, who has worked as Da Bull since 1996, was arrested late Monday night after officers found six ounces of marijuana on Brewer and a scale in his trunk.

It was very easy for the police to find the connection.

Da Bull is identified on the Bulls Web site as the slam-dunking cousin of the team's other mascot, Benny the Bull.

Last but not least - A song from Wesley Willis for "Benny the Bull"

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