Affordable Sports Globally


Wesley Boone saw how children from the poorer countries used trash as sports equipment.

This sight affected him emotionally and he wanted to do something to help these children.

He felt that these children should be given Sports Gears and he started the organization called Gear Going Global to send used Sport gears to children all over the world.

Wesley Boone was only sixteen years old when he started the organization and he is now around twenty years old.

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He had never thought that he would go into this but he now believes that he can make a difference as individual.

Sports should be affordable to everyone regardless of wealth and this passion for sports can help children in struggling countries to find meaning in life.

In my past Sports posts, I had mentioned about how some organization used sports to get unemployed adults jobs.

We would never know how we can impact the world through their love for sports.

Sports can be the bridge to connect into many other opportunities that can change their lives.

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