Teach A Kid How To Skate A Skateboard


In the videoclip below, Aaron, the instructor, taught the sweet little girl, Phoebe, how to skate on a skateboard.

We must admit and praise the courage of the little girl to learn something new.

Aaron was also very patient to use questioning technique to guide Phoebe how to skate by getting her to think about her mistakes as well as how she can make it better.

Video Source

Throughout the videoclip Aaron was very encouraging and he was able to get Phoebe to get comfortable on the skateboard first before proceeding into certain stunt.

We must always get kids to feel comfortable when they start to learn a new sport.

There is no need to rush but we can get them to feel the confidence first.

Grooming the next generation of sportsman takes effort and there is the cultivating period before the pushing to the limit comes in.

Let kids enjoy sports when they are still young so that they can choose what they really want as a hobby for life.

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