Stay Safe // My Actifit Report Card: June 27 2020

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This was actually one of the numerous designs made by Colleague, she is a baker and so she does the magic with her baking skills.

The picture above says Stay Safe.
Now what does it mean to stay safe.
It means not being in danger, that is your are free from harm's reach.
It also mean being free from risk, harmless, riskless etc.

You can't be free from harm if you aren't abstaining from harm itself or better still do or abide by the rules and regulations that will keep you from being harmed.
All i am trying to say is that every one of us should abide by the rules and regulations given to us by our different countries during this pandemic in other to keep us free from contacting it.
Little rules like Washing of hands, using of nose masks, using if hand sanitizer etc. Is really of necessity to keep us duly safe from this deadly pandemic. I wouldn't want you to loose me neither do I, so on this note stay safe and saved.
Jesus loves you.

I remain


Thanks for always stopping by, yes you😜😂😂😁

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