Quarantine Life Day 148 / My Actifit Report Card: August 10 2020

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Good morning Actifitters!

It's Day 148 of the quarantine. Another gloomy day, but I saw the sun peeked this morning. I initially thought we will have a better weather, but it's still cloudy, and it's obvious it will rain again.

Coronavirus cases

The number of cases didn't seem to slow down. Globally, the number has reached 19.769 million. While the hardest hit countries, US with 5.127 million, Brazil with 3.035 million, and India with 2.153 million. Here in the Philippines, it is very close to 130k. The number remains here in Pangasinan at 49 active cases.

Actifit Report

I am not too active physically yesterday as I only accumulated more than 2,900 activity counts mostly from my daily chores and walking. In the morning, I attended our meeting in sign language, followed by Regional Convention online. In the afternoon, we returned to videoconferencing to discuss what we watched from the RC.

Breakfast time with these.
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