Thoughts on SPI, JAHM and LEO, plus Actifit report for October 29 2019

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Had a good night last night. Got shifted to a different role from usual due to staff shortages. I'm enjoying being versatile and getting to work different roles regularly, without the stress of being a manager.

SPUD and JPUD ready.

I borrowed this image from @crypticat from this post about JPUD. I hope you don't mind.

I am focusing on my JAHM account for this SPUD. Have bought a heap of JAHM and ready to go. For those that haven't checked it out, its a great little friendly tribe, with some real high quality, interesting content, plenty of cool Reggae tunes, and nice people. Best of all the token is doing well and has an awesome use case. Check out ReggaeSteem for yourself.

Spinvest on the move.

spinvest - moon.png

The @spinvest program is on the move lately and I'm proud to be playing a part in that through the @spinvest-leo program. If you don't know what its about, check out some of the recent posts from either account or this awesome post by @conradsuperb that clearly spells out all the benefits. The LEO program is about to be enhanced, and a new division will open soon (sneak preview for my followers... save your NEOXAG TOKENS.😎😉)

LeoDex is great.

A big upgrade to the LeoDex today, with new features and a much cheaper fee for deposits and withdrawals of STEEM the the Steem Engine. SteemLeo really are leading the pack of late with unique features and an amazing pace of development.

That's my thoughts for the day, shilling SPI, JAHM AND LEO basically.

Have a good one.




Thanks for all the hard work you’ve been putting in - for spinvest-leo, curating heavy in reggaesteem and steem.leo, and just, in general, being a solid steemian, mate.

Appreciate the mention @jk6276

Let’s keep it going 🙌🏼

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I think I have taken on board some of @theycallmedan's work. If we want things to happen around here, get in and make em happen. Trying my best and appreciate all those compliments mate. Just gotta balance a bit and get some stuff done around the house so the wifey doesn't crack the shits at me about too much time on the puter.

Onwards and upwards.

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Right - that’s the only way ... through action. Get in and get it done is RIGHT

Haha surely a balancing act. Want to make sure you’re pulling the weight around the house, surely. Wifey must be kept happy, this is more important than steeming

Nonetheless, onwards and upwards we go

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I keep forgetting about jpud day and powering up anyway!
Great idea to promote different (good) tribes to each other :D

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Normally, I power up straight away. Have to keep building towards 100k JAHM.

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@spinvest us a great investment! Thanks for sharing!!

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It's certainly going well at the moment. Thanks for the comment.

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I’m a bit behind on all you mention above but will keep hold of my neoxag and await further instructions!

If you actively curate with your neoxag you will still be better off as is, but we are planning a similar program to @spinvest-leo for the neoxian tribe. Those that may not be getting full benefit from neoxian stake, but don't want to sell, will be able to delegate it to passively earn SPI tokens.

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Ahh right. Well I think my earnings with NEOXAG curating are rather average and so I could be better off delegating them to earn SPI. I'll be on the lookout for updates, cheers :)

@crypticat doesn't mind that you used the image and hopes that everyone powers up their JAHM on JPUD. @crypticat is however unimpressed that you used #actifit instead of #ReggaeSteem to post this.

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I very much understand where @crypticat is coming from. My intention with this post isn't JAHM upvotes, it was to promote JAHM (and SPI) to Actifiters. One way to do that was through my Actifit post. I'll always use with my @jk6276.jahm account for proper content here. This style of post may come from other front ends if they are aimed at promoting the tribe to outsiders.

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Hey ‘Jk’ - I’m holding some SPI as well. Really hoping it takes off. Great initiative with a serious idea and inquiry.

Good to hear you’ve stacked some jahm for JPUD. I’m definitely going to be taking part as well.

It would be cool to cross boundaries with other tribes, having reggaesteemians invest in SPI, Leo holders in jahm, and vice versa.

Respect jk 👌

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Yup, these, plus Steemmonsters are my favourite things on STEEM right now. Vibrant and exciting where a lot of other places are jaded and just waiting for STEEM to go up. It ain't gonna go up just from us all waiting... We have to make these things fun, make STEEM and its Tribes "The Place to Be". Then watch it go up.

I like these cross boundary posts occasionally, someone here may not have heard of SPI for example, and strengthening links between good projects is a good thing I think.

Respect back at ya S.I.

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Glad I have some leo tokens and they are doing great things.

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LEO is definitely in a class of its own among the tribes.

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Yes I am glad to be a part of it. I hear Woolies has been underpaying a lot of workers. Are you one of those?

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Just put my new actifit up about it. Short answer - maybe. I'll know more in a few weeks. 🤞💰


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Okay, hopefully you will be due some back pay.

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That's a great step count.. I also have a bunch of SPI .. I just bought and staked 500 LEO to curate with

Thabk you, helps having a job where I walk around all night. SPI and LEO for the win.

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@jk6276, In my opinion most of the Tribes came up strongly and definitely reflecting the Potential. I am enjoying this Tribal Journey for sure. Stay blessed.

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