Coach Persib Bandung Confused After Ezechiel Left

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The Dutchman stated that Maung Bandung still needed two foreign players to fill the attack line and several local players.
Moreover, Persib Bandung had just been left by Ezechiel N'Douassel who crossed to Bhayangkara FC. According to the information obtained by Robert Alberts, he was upset because there were some problems about foreign players whose targets did not fit into the management budget. Persib Bandung coach Robert Alberts, stated that his team still needed to hunt for players. However, Robert Alberts is now being hit by feelings of confusion. Robert admitted that he already had a number of foreign players who were targeted. However, the coveted player has a price that is not in accordance with the budget set by management.

In fact, at this time many foreign players who are unemployed because they do not have a club. Robert also had the name of the former Bhayangkara FC player, Bruno Matos, who began being linked with Persib Bandung.

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