Marc Klok Admits Patiently Can Play with Persija Jakarta

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Informed that the player named Marc Klok claimed to be eager to play with Jakarta Persija at this time. He had harbored a long time about these desires. The news of Marc Klok is actually approaching Persija since January. The Dutchman looks invisible in defense of the Makassar Football Association in the last two matches against Lalenok United in the AFC Cup match.

In addition, the two parties also did not dare to discuss in detail until the process of contract suppression and official introduction were carried out. Klok has been announced to sign a contract for Persija for four years. "I already knew I would become a Persija player. Bojan Dohak as the coach of the Makassar Football Association understood and I had no problems. But that was football because there were so many rumors," Klok said at his press conference at the Persija Office.

Marc Klok also admitted that he already knew about the composition of the team and who the Persija players were. so According to him, Kemayoran Tigers have good information with the strength of the team that exists today. "I know all the players and their composition. I think it is very good and this season he brought a new player. People say galacticos, dream team, we have to work hard with the coach. this.

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