Not able to make the basics count: December 4 2019

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Hey friends,

Today has been very tight and gruesome for me today when you talk of desk work.

After that was meetings and more meetings, so tired right now and wasn't strong enough to go for any evening walk.

Do have a goodnight rest. Peace.

Moving Around Office


Sleep well, my friend. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

I really hope so. Thanks.

There is always tomorrow @ketcom to get more @actifit steps. The fresh air and change of scenery might do you good and help relax you. Take care, my friend.

End of the year, everybody wants the work completed before the close for the year or probably marketing stuff for season sales. So it kinda gets really busy this time of the year. But i'll find time to relax.

Rest @ketcom!!!
Talk to you tomorrow......@actifit tomorrow.....

Thanks Chief.

Oh wow 😱, sorry for the gruesome day you went through 😢. That happens sometimes but I hope your Thursday is getting on better💯 and you had good sleep 😴💤.
Enjoy your day 👍 😁

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Rest well so you can up your activity 😁😁😁

Rested and ready. Lol.

I will be watching your activity now 😄

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