Cristiano Ronaldo's football club, Juventus now has its own Crypto token.

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Its so cool and exciting the way Clubs have started to really consider the massive love Fans have for them, and the fans resulting urge to assist in anyway (most especially making sporting decisions and also getting recognized as a big fan of the Club).
In years past, when the world was without any/adequate use of the internet, sporting organizations (especially football clubs) didn't realise how big they are around the world or the extent to which their games were being followed around the globe. All Clubs did were their primary assignment of entertaining, appreciating fans ( mostly in the stands), acknowledging those that write letters or inform them of their followership. That was all that could have been done to hear from their teeming fans and appreciate them all.
The introduction and usage of Internet has made the world a Global village with its distinct connection of all and sundry all over the World. It has provided sporting organizations the opportunity to open up different accounts where they inform fans of their footballing activities e.g club history and information, player profiles, club profile e.t.c
Its really so beneficial to football and its supreme followership from Fans.
Out of the boundless benefits internet brings to the table of human beings is the high flying Cryptocurrency/ digital currency; this digital initiative is best explained as a digital currency that could be used for transactional (buying & selling) and other value adding purpose, someone might want to do.
An innovative cryptocurrency firm has engaged this monetary initiative to reward passionate fans. This reward is cool and its something to excite fans.
First of all, the name of the Crypto currency in use is Socio and its specialty is to enumerate Club fans who are a real follower of their team and are ready to do their utmost best to lend their voice one way or the other to th progress of the Club they support.
For your socios enhanced club, when you own Fan Tokens, you join a good number of supporters who are very powerful when it results to a unified decision-making. Socio partner teams are dedicated to getting your input on some particular club issues by running binding and non-binding polls.
The aim could be to choose a jersey design, the name of a training ground, in-stadium entertainment, or picking the next charity initiatives, player skills challenges, exclusive content and much more.
Not limited to voting rights, Fan Tokens act like a ‘membership card’ for one to get rewards, merchandise, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The benefits could range from VIP invites to a meet and greet session with your favorite star, and also to exclusive dugout access on matchdays, receiving signed official jerseys and other merchandise and much more benefits.
One can earn rewards through the means of regular interaction with your team on the Socios app or you can choose to exchange Fan Tokens as payment.
Therefore as Cristiano ronaldo's Juventus has joined, a supply of Fan Tokens has been generated on their behalf, that is Juventus now possess in their Arsenal; fully fungible digital assets that gives the supporters the sweet right to vote on club matters.
And they also have Token Hunt,socios augmented reality feature that allows one to collect a limited supply of tokens anywhere in the world - for free.
With this available prospects, there's a great need to belief that fans will be more attached, and interested in their clubs, as they will get the feeling their dealings, contributions amount to something in their Club.