Fast Clean Up at the Forest - Cleanplanet Vlog

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Don't you hate seeing trash in nature? I sure do and I decided to do something about it (once again)!

I walked the forest for 15 minutes and collected a bag FULL of trash. Coffee cups, cigar packs, water bottles and many more were "professionally" hidden all over the place.

Watch more at my @Cleanplanet Vlog

Thank you all for watching and supporting my channel guys. Try keeping your surroundings clean and don't count on others to do so! Take the situation into your own hands!
Much love to everyone and stay safe.

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Thank you guys <3

Stop waste to save the earth!


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Excellent. It's a good part of the outdoor code to never litter and to pickup trash on your way out.

Yes it is and it saddens me to see that most people do not respect that! I mean there are a ton of trash cans at the forest but people still throw their trash on the ground...