Tottenham rehashes his fourth at Wolfsburg

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Tottenham has achieved the assignment of meeting all requirements for the European League last, by vanquishing at home to Wolfsberger 4-0, tonight, Wednesday, in the second leg of the 32nd round.

The Spurs group of four conveyed the mark of Dele Alli, Carlos Vinicius, and Gareth Bale in the 10, 50, 73 and 83 minutes, realizing that the principal leg finished with Tottenham's 4-1 triumph.

The Tottenham mentor depended on an arrangement of substitute players, particularly in the forefront in which the Brazilian Vinicius played as a blunt striker, before the triplet Eric Lamela, Dele Alli and Stephen Burgoyne.

The main genuine chance in the match got through the opposing group in the 6th moment, when Wernitzeneg got a ball from his colleague Dieng, to shoot it towards the objective, yet it over the crossbar.

Tottenham reacted a moment later, by means of Burgoyne, who advanced from the left side, prior to taking care of from the edges of the punishment territory, yet his endeavor passed close to the far post.

Tottenham opened the scoring in the 10th moment, when Dele Alli got a pass inside the punishment zone from Matt Doherty, to clear it for himself, before he terminated the ball with a scissor once more into the net.

Burgoyne dispatched the ball once more, prior to passing to Winx, who discharged a shot that went over the objective in the thirteenth moment, and the guests reacted in the twentieth moment, when Scherzer got the ball on the left side, and shot it close by the correct post.

Burgoyne got back to infiltrate Wolfsberger's safeguard from the left side, prior to hitting the ball, to bounce back from protector Novak in the 24th moment.

Doherty and Moussa Sissoko traded the ball on the right, prior to sending the initial, a cross towards the far post, trailed by Vinicius with his head over the bar in the 43rd moment.

A moment later, Lamela moved over to Vinicius on a counterattack, and evaded the last mentioned, the goalkeeper prior to attempting to score in the vacant objective, yet Henriksson cleared the ball before it crossed the objective line.