Kids body work-out before the tennis practice.

in Education3 months ago

I always pick up all these kids from their homes and walk with them to our tennis ground. Before we got started with the tennis practice, I had to make them do some warm-up drills. Usually, they like starting tennis practice by holding their rackets and begin playing right away. I instructed them to put their rackets down and on the sides so that we first get our bodies warmed up.

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We stretched a bit. They made a circle and each one of them had to bring up a unique stretching up style. Others followed suit. I did the counting up to 10 for every stretch up and then instructed them to change to another one. They had to stretch from the lower body parts such as legs to the upper body parts which included the waist and so on.

They also did some jogging. I made them do 10 rounds of Jogging. This was also important in warming up their bodies. Keeping their bodies in shape and also awakening them up to being active throughout the tennis practice.

We had to burn up those excess calories in the body through this jogging. Although some girls don’t like jogging around, they usually try to bring up some lame excuses in trying to dodge it up. I always have to just encourage them to do it as it helps a lot with their body fitness.