My Actifit Report Card: May 6 2021


Hello and good day everyone!
Today makes the completion of the Television Frame Clock I did below are the steps I took to complete it.

Step 1. Painting: This is actually a process of giving the already assembled calved woods a unique color as desired by Clients.
In this case the color requested by Client was Black so I have to paint it as agreed.

Step 2. Clock Spraying:
This is where the Clock indicators are separate from the main frame for a different color painting.

Then after that comes the Silver Color stray on the clock indicator as requested by our esteemed Client

Now the Television Clock Frame is ready for installation.
Note: the actual Clock Engine which comprises of the Seconds, Minutes and Hour Indicators is yet to be installed and this is because it might be mistakenly damage while transporting it to the Clients destination. As such, this process will be completed by tomorrow during the installation at the Clients apartment.

A report of installation will be available here tomorrow as soon as possible after the installation.
Thanks for stopping by viewing my reports do have a great day.
Love You All @mcharmattan
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