Measuring components of Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness is a type of exercise carried out to help one to be physically strong and healthy. Physical fitness may be in the form of series of exercise, swimming, running, jumping, weight lifting and other sports to keep the body fit, active and healthy

Measurement of Agility
Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily with skill. Agility is measured in:

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10m Shuttle Run: This is a kind of run in which runners pick up stones, bags or any object from one end and drop them at the other end. 10 metres parallel lines are drawn to contain two runners. The runners shuttle to and fro, picking and dropping the objects. The runner who has picked and dropped the highest number of objects within the given time is the winner.

Measurement of Power

Power is the ability to carry out a task within the shortest time. To measure power, we have to consider the nature of the task performed: whether good or bad, finished or done half-way. Power is measured in sergeant jump and standing board jump.

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Sergeant jump: While standing erect close to a board or wall, a mark is made at the point where the head reaches on the wall. Jump as high as you can and take a measurement of where your head reached while standing and the point reached as you jump. You can do this three times and the highest point is the level of power

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Standing board jump: Stand behind a straight line drawn, with your feet slightly apart, knees bent, arms swinging, and take a jump. The measurement from the point of the take-off (the beginning of the line) to where your land is taken

Measurement of Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to bend and rotate the joint easily. Flexibility is measured in straight knee toe touch

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Straight knee toe touch: The upper part of the body (trunk) is bent while the knee is made straight as the arm goes to touch the toes with the fingers. This can be done several times

Measurement of Balance

Balance means to be in a steady position without falling to one side or the other. Balance is measured in beam walk

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Beam walk: A beam is erected above the floor. Mount the beam and walk on it with arms stretched out sideways for balance and steadily move till the other end is reached