Fitness: 27th March 2021 + A Did You Know Health Question


Good Morning

So, I tried something different today. If you are an avid health enthusiast, you would know that health and bodybuilding are a combination of good food, stamina exercises, and resilience training (weights). While I have been focusing on the latter two, I was a bit slow on the food part. In other words, I would ingest whatever I wanted.

In itself, food will not matter much unless it is only junk that we are ingesting. However, since I have a healthy combination of stamina and weight exercises, I used to go slow on focusing on food; meaning, I ate whatever I wanted.


But I tried something different today. Instead of going for my regular exercises, I tried some food control. Now, I am not the dieting kind, and I definitely won’t recommend it to anyone, but I tried something close to dieting. As I said, I wouldn’t do it often. So, what did I do?

I had a toast in the morning and let go of the lunch. That did not mean I did not ingest anything at all. I had some fat-free, gluten-free crackers and tea. Thereafter, straight to rice (carbohydrates) in the night. I liked it because it was not starving that most do in the name of dieting. I managed my intake and, in the process, was not feeling crazy-hungry. So, I can say that it worked.

I will be trying more of this controlled intake. Let’s see how it goes.


That’s it from me for today. I will see you all tomorrow.



Did You Know?

Brazilian Edmar Freitas is known to hold the record for most sit-ups in 24 hours. The record stands at 111,000 sit-ups in 24 hours.

It makes me wonder how does anyone have that kind of stamina to go on for 24 hours.

Well, that’s the record anyways. 😊



Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay

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