Happy Moan Day Tottenham, It was a Game of Father and Son

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It was Chelsea up against Tottenham last week in the English Premier League and for the second consecutive time in a season, Lampard became the first manager to win against Jose Mourinho team twice in a season, while it was a game of father and son is the fact that Lampard was once a player under Jose when the Portuguese was still a manager at Chelsea. Both teams were not really at their best form and at the end of the game, it was Chelsea that picked the maximum points despite having some difficult games ahead both in the league and in the UEFA champions league, it was a game where Lampard had no choice than to switch to third choice striker O. Giroud and the French sttiker proved to the manager while he can still be trusted with some matches at the club, the last time the player played in a blue jersey was dated back to November last year.


The game between the two sides was a derby match and a game that would have change the log table, probably taking the Blues from 4th position to 6th position and making Tottenham a strong contender for the top 4, Chelsea who lost to Manchester United a week before knows that loosing the game to Tottenham means they may be loosing the European ticket next season to clubs behind them on the log table, in fact, there fixtures recently has not be a favourable one, losing to Newcastle United and sharing the point with clubs like Arsenal and Leicester City before losing to the Red Devils, that alone has ruled them out of the game before the game while Tottenham on the other end shared the point with Watford and defeated Norwich with a two goals to one, they also recorded a big win over Manchester City in game week 25 before another dramatic win over Aston Villa. Looking at both teams form in the league, one will easily give it to Tottenham before the game.


Both sides enjoyed a cool opening with their players trying to make themselves available at the right spot but it was Tottenham who first had the chance to score through Lucas Moura but Chelsea goal keeper Caballero did well to parry the ball away and the Blues after the attempt continues to enjoyed the ball possession and had their own chance when Alonso set up England midfielder Mount but the young player was also denied by Lloris, Chelsea were not doubt the better side as they continues to press forward for goal and Barkley also had a shot towards goal but didn't yielded a positive result until Giroud put the team ahead in the 15 minutes of the first half. Chelsea manager made a lots of changes to his selection as Barkley and Mount was selected to provide assist for Giroud up front while Alonso and James was deployed in the line up as a wing back. The Blues were the better side throughout the game, Marcos Alonso would have doubled the lead in the 23 minutes but his effort hit the woodwork, Caballero also provided some beautiful saves to denied the Spur an equaliser before the half time.


The teams returned from their 15 minutes break and the Blues continues from where they stopped in the first half, enjoying much of the ball possession and creating more chances to make sure they are at the safer side and it doesn't take too long when they doubled the lead through Marcos Alonso, the defender after receiving the ball from Barkley fired a shot to the bottom corner to make it 2-0 lead, aside from the fact that the Blues were leading in the game, the game also witnessed a drama when VAR failed to send Lo Celso off for a poor challenge on Chelsea captain Azpilicueta, with so many reviews showing the Spur player deserved a red card, the player was made to continue the game, the Blues push forward for the third goal but Lloris made a brilliant save to denied Barkley from hitting the third goal, Tottenham didn't have much to offer in the game as Alonso free kick hit the cross bar, with few minutes to the end of the game, Lamela's shot was deflected in by Chelsea defender Rudiger.


What I Have To Tell Tottenham

The battle for the top 4 is still wide open and they just need to bring out that spirit they show when Jose first arrived at the club which is one of the reason why the found themselves in the position they are today and that is why i will be encouraging them with this never give up quote which says;

It is not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it is refusing to fail.

The team has gotten a good manager who is well familiar with the league and all they need to do is to come together and work as a team.

With Love

I hope you find this post interesting and educating, until then, i remain my humble self @oxygen02 the guy who support life with his write ups



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Yes and later even Holy Spirit (Espirito Santo) interfered so Spurs are playing like "In name of the father and son and holy spirit" now (for crossing with left hand).

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