Baseball Back in July?

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It seems the MLB owners have reached an agreement on how to bring baseball back this summer though it will certainly face scrutiny from the MLBPA. The agreement's likely biggest issues will come from players around money. Owners are suggesting a 50/50 revenue share with the players which is a turn from the past agreement for prorated portions of salaries.

While those discussions are certainly important that's not the part of the discussion that's got my attention. No, what I'm captured by is the potential introduction of a universal DH. This would be a very welcome change, in my opinion, for the National League. It's something I've never understood why only half of baseball applies while the other half goes without it. I think making this a universal rule change moving forward would be great for baseball.

I have to imagine this is in line with the creation of regional leagues that have been suggested. These would align leagues based on their geographic locations versus their AL/NL affiliation. When combating travel this seems like a very wise move as well.

Regardless of the rule changes I will certainly be excited if this agreement can be reached and we see baseball this summer. With talk of games starting on July 4th this could be a sign of a new Independence Day. This time we'll hopefully be declaring our freedom from coronavirus.

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Sources: MLB owners OK proposal for July start
In the MLB season proposal that owners agreed to on Monday and will soon submit to the union for its consideration, the plan is for "spring" training to start in mid-June, with the shortened season beginning in July, sources told ESPN.


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oh i am so ready for baseball to start! We have a new team in my town! Was a great 1st season for them and to experience the Atlantic League. Been waiting patiently all year for the season to start and with this covid stuff it sorta ruined it for me. Heck right now we should be starting week 2 with a game that is supposed to be tonight at home at 7pm. Not happening sadly. I sure hope they plan to start on July 4th as well. It has been hinted but no official word yet. As for the 8 teams 6 of them are in the north and close to each other geographically. My team is based in High Point, NC and the other team is based in Sugar Land, Texas. I am more curios of the team in texas being the furthest of them all.

well still early to say but if happens then great :)

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