Veteran backup Josh Johnson among three QBs signed by XFL

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The XFL has announced three new quarterback signings to join the league. Josh Johnson, formerly of the Washington Redskins, will join the LA Wildcats. Taylor Heinicke will join with the St. Louis Battlehawks while Chase Litton will join the Seattle Dragons.

These signings aren't out of the ordinary for the XFL. They recently completed a draft of 561 players with most names being players most wouldn't recognize. The launch of the league has been geared to be much more about collective team play versus having big names carry teams. It's a very interesting concept that I enjoy seeing them taking.

The goal instead is to focus their attention on creating a product about the sport. Something where fans can enjoy a fast paced game that focuses on competitive play.

I think this creates a great market fit. The XFL is able to get candidates that might not have a chance to play in the NFL but still have talent for a great game. This gives them the opportunity to prove themselves and hopefully springboard into larger contracts with either the XFL or potentially the NFL in the future. If the competitive play can keep the fans attention this could be a great place for the XFL to start.

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I was liking the AAF earlier this. Hopefully they make it a full season

Yeah I think there's a need for competition at the league level and Vince brings a resource in his fanbase that just wasn't there for the AAF in my opinion. I just hope they aren't going in with wild expectations leading to it getting the can after one season again.

Man, I didn't even realize the XFL was still around! I thought that was a fad that went away a long time ago. Shows how much I know! I think the Lions could definitely use one of those guys right now with Stafford still being out. Our second string guy just doesn't have the experience to carry a team yet.

It actually did go away after the first season. That being said it's coming back but with less of a focus on the gimmicks of the last attempt but more on the actual sport.

I know what you mean about needing the talent. If I had to pick an NFL team mine would be the Bengals if that gives you an indicator of our talent needs.

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