Premier League Winner: Updated Odds

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Well, well, well.

Liverpool have finally played their game in hand and we can now get a fully updated picture of how things stand in the title race.

In truth, this will be the final update of this blog unless something significant happens to change things.

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Previous Odds: 1.02
New Odds: 1.01
Implied Probability: 99%

A victory over West Ham has now given Liverpool a lead of 19 points over Manchester City. With just 14 games to go, it would take something catastrophic for Liverpool to miss out on the title now. They need just 8 wins from their final 14 games to guarantee the title at this stage.

Manchester City

Previous Odds: 71.0
New Odds: 100.0
Implied Probability: 1%

Liverpool's victory has seen Manchester City's odds drift even further with an implied probability of them winning the league at just 1% now. As mentioned above, Liverpool only need to win 8 of their final 14 games to be guaranteed the league title and this is assuming that Manchester City win every single game remaining.