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Chelsea did start playing really good under Tuchel. I was thinking
this is the breaking point where they are cementing the fourth place for good.
As you can see I was not mentioning getting past four.
Manchester City, United and Leicester still hanging on their position.

Matchday 25 was misery for Liverpool as well. Hard to swallow a top team
going through so much headache when they need to play their best. Blame it on injuries
still not worth it when you have Salah, Firmino and Mane leading the front.
Maybe a fan of Liverpool can explain their lack of confidence on the field.

Everton came to play. It looks really hard to score a goal. Now Everton has 40 points just like Liverpool. Since 1929, this is a first time #Liverpool lost four in a row in EPL history. #Everton
made history also by beating Liverpool since 1999.Liverpool dominates the game but no goal
to show for it. This is crisis moment for a Championship caliber team.

My issue resides with #Chelsea. The team has enough players ready to mount score
after score except for Mount today. He saved Chelsea a point with a penalty.
I have to say they are playing sorry football.
Just do not get their lack of continuity on the field.

Too much individualism to score a goal. Misses never count. I wish fans can make
their top eleven so the team can start fresh. Looking at their standing, it happen when they need
to kick #Southampton and then a goal slipped.
It should be the match to put pressure on Leicester. It just give them and #Manchester United
for freedom to play with confidence. It starts to come back to this point.
Was lampard the problem? It is up to Tuchel to beg the difference
and change this team around.

This isde of the story got off guard. He took his favorite player out after he was substituted.
Callum is a bright player. He put real pressure when he play his side. I will be happy to see
him back to his form.
I want to see Pulisic, Giroux and Ziyech back up front. Have Mount right behind them. Tammy can play FA Cup matches. Kovacic needs a break too. Have Jorginho ready with Kante.

He needs to overhaul Chelsea quick in order to stay in top four.
I have to say Chelsea has a tendency to play great clubs a lot better than losing record clubs.
Today with Southampton it should be a clear three points they will miss this season.

Lately domination does not mean much. Almost 500 passes but not where it means the most.
Tuchel should go watch films and find the gap. So far Mount is playing top. His defense is right there.
Midfield needs to tight up a little to free the strikers.
I want to see Giroux, Pulisic, Ziyech and Mount creating something.
Let's see if the team can play a good Champions League match before meeting with #United.
As I can see this could be the break point for them before meeting again with Atletico in March.
Tuchel, make it worth.


Your assessment on chelsea is well spot on, i think Tuchel can't jst continue changing the team week in week out, the passes are more side and back passes, that doesnt count, the players lack rhe surge and awareness, quite dull, alonso looking sluggish, tammy cant even make touches, kante should be allow to sit deep covering the back four rather going forward, betterstill, pairing of kovacic & j5 looks better. I think the coach should give us the strong 11.
Werner first touches on the ball is still poor. We can only hope for a better show against Athletico.

They play better in CHampions League.
Got to make face.
After that they have four important meeting.
Can't wait to see how they will move forward.


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