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So if I can get this straight Manchester United still can win the Premier League this year.
There is a big gap between both teams of 13 points and I am not sure how could this happen.
No need to go through the whole sphere to show how this is possible but eventually United has
to win all remaining matches for 15 points and City to lose the remains of three games. So this is 5%
chance that could happen to City to lose and United to win as well.

There are a lot to say about this game when champagnes were on ice and at home City misses the opportunity to finish strong and put Chelsea in the corner. First half it was fantastic football from both teams. As always City plays great whoever they put on the field. First goal is all about pressing and
than the first goal is there. I do not know why Aguero did not shoot the ball but Sterling wanted more.
The first penalty was giving and not sure why. The camouflage and trip from behind during the melee made it a giving.

Aguero was doing a special penalty called Panenka. I do not know what it was thinking at the time.
Maybe he think of the champagnes on ice and it is time to slow everything now. It was a mess when Mendy did not fall for it. I was like what is this? This is Football. Manchester City doesn't respect Chelsea. Scoring first so they think it is our time now. Pep was what! He knew Chelsea is not an easy team to play. Aguero is leaving at the end of the season. If you do not see him on the field now you know why. Unfortunately he has to apologize to the fans and teammates for this gaffe.

At least Chelsea was paying attention and turn everything around in the second half. The second penalty should be given. It could change the game as well. Looking at it many times I can see why the referee did not give it. The referee relies on 5% that Sterling could fake it. Just like that City is in trouble, unable to find a concise way to score another goal. Chelsea knew how important for them to win this match. It was a psychological win that can help them to the final of UCL.

Now the pressure is more on City to win UCL. Not able to secure EPL is another headache for Guardiola. Battling in two fronts is not fun. It favors them to win everything. The pressure is on Chelsea as well. They need to win FA CUP versus a team they need to beat twice. That is a lot of pressure. Winning against City should bring a lot of confidence for the team. I am not sure how Leicester will finish the season but they lost to Newcastle badly. They will play United.
I mean every match is so high level to finish the season.
Tomorrow Aston Villa vs Manchester United will play an important match cause it could help Manchester City to win the Premier League.
I am not playing the game I can sense the intensity tomorrow. United will not want to give City a free pass. The month of may sounds resolute for a fan of Football. Hopefully your team is giving you joy to watch the game.


First, Aguero messed up in trying to do whatever he was doing in a crucial match like this. I think Chelsea is really prepared in terms of mentality and strength compared to mancity. As for man united, they have been doing well but my fear for them is exhaustion in terms of the constant use of the same players over and over again.

United did try late into the season and they show good prospect.
They got to finish strong this year.
What do you think of Leicester?
Last year they had a great run but finish flat.
Hope they hold to fourth.
Chelsea is doing what Tuchel advises them to do.
Still do not understand why they are good now but not with Lampard. Same players right ?

Still do not understand why they are good now but not with Lampard. Same players right?

First, I think the formation is not the same and the strategy is not the same.
In Lampard's time, they were about possession and less attack added to Kepa's inefficiency.

Tuchel on the other hand made the midfield point of stopping for an attack against the opponents by playing 5 midfielders pushing James to the right midfield and Marco Alonso to the left midfield.

I believe success is not by chance and Leicester might not have the mental capacity to hold on to the fourth place they are in right now after losing badly to Newcastle. I want them to get into the champions league but my question is do they have a chance?
Tottenham has a better chance in the champion's league than leicester.
Let's hope for the best

Actually another year with Tuchel Chelsea could win everything. I am not taking away from Manchester City and United could be a thread if they play really smart and get some good players to complement what they have now.
Leicester on the other hand always got issue to close even though couple years, they won the whole thing.
Great football to watch

Highly unlikely as City need just 1 win in their last 3 matches to win the title.

All of a sudden all teams are playing their A game.
Do you think it will be hard to win against BHA or Newcastle? It should be cake walk for them.
As long Manu is winning the pressure is still on for them to win.
Enlighten me cause it is a lot closer for them.
These couple weeks will be interesting in May.

Yes and Pep will make sure they get over the line in the next game. All teams are fighting for so much as this is crunch time now. Guaranteeing Champions League football or staying in the Premiership next season is what counts now.

This is the type of Football worth watching. I know this season is far from over. I am thinking how next year will be with fans on the field.
Glad to get your input.

It's good so, let them wait for the title a little bit longer. Also, Man City would have too much time prepairing and thinking of CL Finals. Chelsea on the other side looks really good last few weeks.

Well while I feel winner of the Premier league is all but decided, I certainly agree that Chelsea needed to win this for a psychological boost, perhaps more than City. The Champions league final should be an exciting one for us Casuals

If my friend is still mathematically speaking, Manchester United has a chance of winning the English Premier League but in reality they already know that it is sentenced in favor of its city rival.

Yesterday's game with Chelsea was a hint of what will be the final of the Champions League where Guardiola created he will not make mistakes and will come out with great intensity and achieve his goal.

Si amigo aún matemáticamente hablando el Manchester United tiene posibilidades de ganar la English Premier League pero a en la realidad ya ellos saben que está sentenciada en favor de su rival de ciudad.

El juego de ayer con el Chelsea fue un abrebocas de lo que será la final de la Champions League donde creó Guardiola no cometerá errores y saldrán con mucha intensidad y lograr su objetivo.