Conquering the Peak of Mount Seulawah.

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Conquering the Peak of Mount Seulawah.

It doesn't feel like time has passed, my age continues to increase and my togetherness on this platform has been around since September 2019. Various information, stories, and interacting with friends is one of the most valuable experiences in my life.

It's been three days I haven't posted my usual daily activities, this is because I am enjoying the adventure of exploring the summit of Mount Seulawah with my friends, so on this occasion, I will share a little story of a trip to that place.




The peak of Mount Seulawah is one of the mountains in Aceh Province, Indonesia, Mount Seulawah is located in Pidie and Aceh Besar Districts, Mount Seulawah is divided into two, namely Seulawah Agam and Seulawah Dara (Inoeng).

My trip and my friends this time to Seulawah Agam Peak which is located in Seulimeum ​​District and Lembah Seulawah District, Aceh Besar District, this mountain has an altitude of 1,800 masl and has a very beautiful view, cool air, shady trees and various unique animals. .



From Bireuen Regency we traveled for approximately four hours by motorbike to arrive at the location, when we arrived at one of the villages we took a break to unwind and met a guide who would accompany our long journey to reach the top.

We went through on the morning of Saturday, 10/4/2021, before leaving, we first checked the equipment, food and other preparations. This sunny morning started my activities and my friends to conquer Mount Seulawah Agam, the journey started from Saree Village, Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. This place has a very cold temperature, tracing the path by foot we found very beautiful scenery on the way, rare trees, and very melodious birdsong.




The journey begins through the village of Saree which has a very beautiful view of rice fields and plantations, step by step we take our steps to reach our destination. After walking for a long time, we were immediately greeted by a very clear river, a river that was able to provide coolness while we were resting. In the river we took a break to unwind, the clear water made us consume it to quench our thirst.

After resting, we continued our journey by conquering the river which only has a wooden bridge, we have to go through the bridge very carefully, this is because the bridge is very slippery. After crossing the wooden bridge, we entered the area which was named the Pintu Rimba area.




To get to the top, we had to pass several areas in that location, where the first area we went through was called Pintu Rimba, this location we had to conquer for about three hours. This location has a wet and mossy soil structure, therefore we must be careful when setting foot in this area. This area has views of very large and rare trees, a quiet atmosphere and cool weather envelops the area which is named Pintu Rimba.

After passing through the Pintu Rimba area, you will find an area called Pintu Angin. This area has plants that spread out wide with greenish colors, the trees that you find in this location are very unique and rare for you to find. The trees in this forest area amaze me with their shape and color as well as their beauty, at this location we had time to take a break and take a selfie as a memento sign that we have arrived in the forest that is the pride of the Acehnese people.




The next area we conquered is the Tujuh Beringin area, where this location is one of the most difficult locations to pass. The location has a climbing route with a slope of seventy degrees, this area is covered with large banyan trees that are hundreds of years old. My friends and I took a break here for a few minutes before continuing our journey to a location called Batu Gajah. Batu Gajah is the last area that must be passed before reaching the top of Mount Seulawah Agam, here we are spoiled by a very beautiful forest view and very cold weather.

After walking to conquer several areas, my friends and I finally arrived at the summit of Mount Seulawah Agam, which I had never visited before. Feeling tired, tired, lethargic, weak, relieved by beautiful scenery, very cold temperatures made us not take off the jacket that kept wrapping our body. Together with my friends take a break to unwind, we enjoy the beauty of this heaven on earth for a moment before preparing for the need to stay overnight.





After resting, my colleagues and I immediately continued our activities on the Peak, we immediately set up a tent for shelter and overnight stays, then we prepared other needs such as food and beverage needs. Overnight here is really very pleasant, at night we can enjoy the beauty of the stars and moon in the sky, in the morning we can enjoy the sunset or the sun that shines its bright light.

Our activity to enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Seulawah Agam is not that long, our first trip is only to find out and enjoy the beauty of the peak of Mount Seulawah Agam, we plan to return here in June this year to enjoy its natural beauty for a week. Our adventure at Mount Seulawah Agam is over and leaves a very beautiful impression. As it is known that Mount Seulawah is one of Mount Merapi which is still active, this mountain has a crater called Heutsz Crater.





That is a brief story of my current life journey, so many impressions that I met while traveling, but I cannot describe it thoroughly. Sorry if there is a word wrong in the writing of this post, thank you for visiting this article.























Greetings of friendship.