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RE: Huge Losses Guaranteed Whatever Happens

I think the game must go on. Covid now is everywhere, we just need to wait for vaccine ready to use, always wearing mask, and handwashing with soap or hand sanitizer. I do agree with @erikah, there must be strict restriction of spectators.

Btw, I have official t-shirt. I bought it in Tokyo last year.



Lol. That is a collectors item now. I just don't see if covid is around by then which I think it will how they can go ahead. We are not talking about a few hundred athletes but 10 000 people in a village. You can't quarantine the whole lot and social distancing will be impossible.

Yeah. So I am lucky to collect one of them Lol.
So, I will keep this t-thirt.
Covid-19 is actually so harmful, especially for people who has comorbid disease like diabetes and heart disease.
Postponing the event is the best decision..