1 Trick That Makes It Hard For The Attacker To Move You

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When you fight in a fighting competition, you fight with someone who matches your skills, weight, and talent. Both are trained, so you can guess what would happen and how your opponent will fight.

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You have no idea if you are being attacked on the street. One thing that's certain is, the attacker has more advantages. The attacker will use his power to do whatever he wants.

In case the attacker is a big guy, he can easily grab you and move you the way he wants. You think you can strike him. But the fact is, you might not do much to strike him while he is moving you here and there.

So how can you stop the attacker moves you here and there?

In order to stop the attacker to move you easily, you need to make a little distance between your legs and put your weight down. When you ground yourself like this, it makes it hard for the attacker to move you even though the attacker is stronger and bigger than you are.

This simple trick can help you to prevent the attacker to move you or kidnap you. It is highly recommended to learn martial art or self-defense. Danger does not come telling you that it's coming. You might find it very useful one day.

You can watch this short video. You see when the lady makes the distance between her legs and puts his weight down, it becomes difficult to lift her up or move her. It works in a fight for self-defense.

Practice it. Ask your friend to lift you up or move you and apply this, you will know how effective it is. Please feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Great I really cherish your post about how to defend yourself against the attacker one really need to hold he or her stand

if you are not holding well it may give the attacker the chance to attack you, this point of us who really going great way to assist another to face the attacker that come from every side

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You're always on top of the of the game,
I do go with your post when it come to self defense and you always let me remember what my people always talk about says "whether there is fighting or not always guiding" if have that on mind it will be very difficult for attacker to get towards you either from behind or from the side.
Thanks man for your motivational post

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This is one great technique I never knew. Avoiding been lifted up from the ground at all cost can really help making it difficult for the opponent to gain advantage.

Once lifted up in the air, there's no telling if you can recover or regain the fight again as it puts one in terrible situation. Thanks for sharing the video.

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My dear beloved friend @rezoanulvibes, you have always blown my mind with your skills. i so much love your courage advising anyone to learn of martial art. well, self defends is important. thanks so much for the post.