Attacking The Sort Target

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When you do elbow strike, that is very powerful. You can make serious damage with elbow strike. Likewise, you can do knee charge. Again, your strike is very powerful. The attacker can get injured pretty bad when you do knee charge.

How about attacking with fingers?

Fingers do not seem that powerful like elbow and knee. Can you really make some serious damage with fingers? Here the most important is where you strike and then decide how you are going to strike.

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Eyes are soft target. You do not need to do knee charge over there. Finger jab can do the job. If you hit the target, that will make serious damage. If you fight in a fighting competition, that's sports. Of course, you are not fighting for self-defense And you are not allowed to strike like that.

You have to follow the rules and system when you fight in a fighting competition. Your goal is to get the trophy. But when your life is in danger, and there is no way you can defend yourself, you need to attack the attacker as a defense.

Please only use reasonable force in a fight. If you do not need to hurt the attacker that much, do not make such strike that can make some serious damage. Sometimes just letting the attacker know you are not an easy target will do the job.

When you strike with fingers, you can do it similar to palm strike, if you do not hit with fingers, you will definitely hit with your palm. While doing finger jab, you might miss the target and end up hurting your fingers. So striking with open hands is a good choice where you can hit with fingers.

Hope you found it useful. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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