Can You Learn Martial Art On Your Own Without Sparring?

There are some questions you just cannot answer with yes or no. You love martial art and you want to learn it. Can you learn martial art on your own?

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Well, you need some sources or some media that let you know about martial art. If you just throw your hands and legs, that will not lead you to learn martial art. Maybe you think about reading books about martial arts. Of course, you can get theoretical knowledge by reading books.

There will be pictures with description about some moves. You can read that and see those pictures. You will get an idea how to make those moves, so you can start practicing.

You can watch martial art program on TV to get to know different martial art moves. Now it is very easy. You can watch videos on YouTube and try to learn on your own.

After practicing on your own, you can show some martial art moves. Definitely, you learn something, but I do not want to disappoint you, there are lot of things you do that are not in right order. Although you think you are doing it right, you are not. You think that way because you cannot figure out your mistakes.

Martial art experts or instructors can show you what you are not doing right and how to fix that. It is difficult to learn martial art on your own without martial art instructor's supervision and guidelines. I highly recommend learning martial art from martial art instructor in person.

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You cannot skip sparring from your martial art training. You can do shadow practice. When you first learn a new move, you should practice that on your own. You can use kick bag to kick and you can use punching bags to punch, elbow strike, palm strike and different strike.

You will be good at making those moves, but without sparring, you will not be able to realize how to put it into action in a fight. Kick bag will not hit you back and your opponent will hit you.

You learn parry and block. When you defend your training partner's strike, you get the taste of it. Your hands will be conditioned to defend the attacker's strike. Otherwise, you might not be able to block and parry to defend the strike when you are being attacked.

Sparring is a must in a martial art training. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Hard NO! Well.. actually you can learn a martial art just as being an ART or an expression. What you can't learn on your own is how to fight. I guess I'd make that distinction in this regard.

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Someone can learn some expression or art, but in order to learn how to fight, you need someone to teach you and someone who can do sparring.

That's no way around that indeed!

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if you add heavybag work, you might be able to improve power alone, same goes with shadowboxing, but working on timing will have to be with someone else.

You can improve the speed, coordination, and power practicing with kick bag or shadowboxing, but it will hit you back. You need someone who can do sparring with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!