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You want to show some martial art moves in a program or in front of people. So you make a form consisting of different moves. You can show it on your own. Or, it can be a group demonstration.

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It is determined earlier how someone is going to attack you and what you would do to defend and show some moves. It is just a presentation. There is nothing wrong to present something, but don't think that's reality.

You imagine that someone will attack you this way and you will do something to defend that, step and move in a certain way. From your imagination, you can think and form something. But that can be far from reality. Let's watch this video where an old man shows some self-defense.

The way he moves at that age, that's cool. But if you think that from self-defense perspectives, I think that's a fantasy. Or, you can say that's just a demonstration. When someone points a gun at you, you can hit the attacker's hand, but there is less chance that the gun falls on the ground.

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When two attackers point the gun at you from the back and front side, that's dangerous. If you try to defend against one attacker, the other attacker shoots you. You can move and all it takes for them is to pull the trigger. And the rest of it will be history.

If somehow their guns fall on the ground, that's luck. You do not want to let them get their gun again. You attack and make the attackers fall on the ground. But those guns are on the ground. You see one girl falls near the gun. What would prevent them to pick up the gun and just shoot you from there?

If you learn martial arts or self-defense, it should be based on reality, otherwise, it would be useless for self-defense. So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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