Do You Actually Get Any Rewards From Your City Now?

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We have seen the all time high tax rate in dCity, it was over 100%. It makes sure you will get zero or little SIM income. Things do not always go as per our expectation. You might expect SIM price would go up and players would be more active on dCity.

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Now I see the tax rate is 99.8118%. So you will get little SIM. By the way, you will get some more SIM if you have specific cards like military industrial complex, and drone factory. We have military industrial complex cards before the 3rd edition.

After releasing the 3rd edition, we have drone factory. There is a cool feature in this edition to combine your cards. So you can combine cards to make drone factory. In order to make a drone factory, you need 5 military industrial complex, 2 laboratory, 1 office, 1 parking, 1 public restrooms, 1 drone technology, and 1 construction site cards.

You will get 10 war shares from a drone factory. Even now you will get SIM income regularly from these cards. You usually get new citizen in your city. You can unlock new technology and there is a chance you will receive those technology cards. It will help to grow your city and you can sell those technology and citizen cards in the market.

I bought some population cards when the 1st edition cards was going to stop printing. The plan was to sell those cards in the market when there will be more demand. Of course, the cards price is supposed to increase then.

I just put those cards in an alt. It was not helping much except increasing the population in my main city and that would reduce the SIM income. That was not useful back then. I find those cards pretty useful now. I just transferred those cards in my main city. It increases the population and boosts my HIVE rewards.

Now you get little or zero SIM income, but you can get HIVE rewards based on your ranking. It works better now until the HIVE rewards parameters change.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts. That's it for now. See you around!

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Are you telling me you stopped to think how to adjust your cities in a new environment? What kind of anarchist you are! A good citizen is supposed to replace the lost income in a socially responsible way - such as collecting rewards for cryposts bitching about being robbed.

Anyway, the robbers might cry at this time because they are not able to rob SIM. At least, you don't have to worry about robbery at night. HIVE reward is safe and secure as always. :)

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Not the kind of robbery I had in mind but as you inadvertently ran into a delicate corner of a complex game mechanics, I am upvoting on behalf of maybe dozen people in the game who can appreciate the unintended pun.

So many people reminding us crypto is not a zero sum game.

These high taxes suck big time... I don't know how can that motivate people to continue developing their cities... I mean, you gave a nice alternative to how it is still possible to earn something, but most people will not go in that way... They will do what is simpler and that is just quit... I hope I'm wrong...

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If you consider that this is the worst situation, you can still earn from your city regularly especially in form of HIVE. New players will be more interested to start or build their city when they see their rewards (SIM rewards) increasing. With higher tax rate, that might not motivate them. I hope the higher tax rate will not continue like this for a long time.

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Million SIM Question: When the tax rate finally moves, do you expect it to go up or down?

That's really a million SIM question. I'm more concerned about whether SIM price goes up or down.

Noone ever said that it should motivate people to develop their cities.
It is designed to make then pick the freaking phone, call whoever they hated most at high school and shill the game to them so that they themselves can get out of this burning hell.
That is how games get new players.

I feel a bit of irony in your words :)

But, you are very close to the truth... I'm not sure if you mentioned the "politics" in the game, but it was a very similar comment to this one...

I'm not the kind of person that will do something like that and shill just to get my money back, but I know that many others would (and probably doing it)...

That's probably the feeling when you realize that you are in the Ponzi scheme, and you want to save your skin... and then you start to wrap the story into something different just to get your money back... That sucks...

Luckily, I didn't get deep into the game, so I'm not that pissed off with all this stuff... But, on the other side, I do understand the frustration of "bigger" players...



Luckily, I didn't get deep into the game

Yeah, it makes it hard to blame you for a shallow analysis, especially if it arrives at a plausible conclusion - "Ponzi" sounds more acceptable than "Gerber took 3 months to collude with big players to cheat me off my 100 SIM a day" (I am trying to sound as neutral as I could - the latter drives the engagement these days and engagement is nice either way)

It is an economy game and people do not have to understand it to play it. It has winners and losers. Just like most games do.

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