Don't Do This To Defend Against Stick Attack


When the attacker has any weapon, things get more serious since he can do more harm. If the attacker has a stick, he can hit you in different ways. The more serious attack would be hitting the head with a stick.

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If you get hit on your legs, you can survive, but when you get hurt on your head, this is very dangerous and anything can happen. Running away from the spot would be a good option if that's possible. But when the attacker is getting close to you or there are multiple attackers, you might not be able to run away from there.

What if the attacker is faster than you are and catch you while running? The important point is, when you run to defend yourself, you expose your back. The attacker can easily hit with the stick. Since you do not see the attacker behind your back, you will be defenseless. So don't just run without considering the whole situation.

Let's watch a specific part of the video, and I would not recommend doing that to defend against the stick attack. From 2:20 minutes to 3:41 minutes, shows how to defend against stick attack from hitting on your head. You stand there and use your hand to block. The thing is, you will definitely damage your hand even if you save yourself from hitting your head.

If you get stuck and there is no way you can move, that's an exception. Otherwise, you should move from the attacking range. You can move forward towards the attacker at a 45-degree angle while using your hand to parry.

You move the stick with parry while you are in the side. You will not get hit by the stick. Then you can strike the attacker and disarm his weapon.

What the instructor shows at the beginning of the video about defending against stick attack to the leg, that's good. The probability to kick the attacker's hand standing in the same place to defend against stick attack to the leg is less.

It is better to get in and then use your leg to defend that. Or, if you are not able to get in, you can quickly move back as a defense. But you have to get in next time to stop the attacker, otherwise, he will keep attacking you.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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