How Long Are You Going To Grab and Lock The Attacker?

If someone attacks you suddenly and then gets out of there, you might not see who the attacker is. You can strike and hit the attacker, but the attacker will run away from there. So you want to grab and lock the attacker so that he cannot run away.

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The grabbing and locking technique works very well if you want to lock and hold the attacker. Once you grab and lock the attacker, it does not mean the attacker will be there forever. When the attacker is trapped, he will do his best to get rid of that.

So he will do whatever he can to release from your lock. I think grabbing and locking the attacker is a temporary solution. You are not going to make the attacker stay there forever. When the attacker is locked, you have to be careful to hold him like that.

He might attack you to get rid of your lock. As soon as you see that, you can put pressure and the attacker will be in pain. As a result, the attacker cannot do anything to hit you.

You need to make the decision about what you are going to do after grabbing and locking the attacker. Maybe you want to move the attacker from where he is. You can hand over the attacker to the police. Or, you can let the attacker. Whatever you do, of course, that is based on the situation.

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Let's watch a grabbing and locking technique in this video. When you grab the attacker's hand like that, the attacker's one hand, legs are free. He will definitely attack you so that he gets free. You can put pressure on the attacker's hand like that, and he will not be able to strike you for the time being.

But remember when you do not put any pressure, the attacker can attack you and you will be in trouble. If you grab and lock one attacker, there might be multiple attackers. So they will come and attack you. Now if you are stuck with the attacker grabbing his hand, you might not make your move to defend yourself against other attacker's strike.

So whatever you want to do, do that fast. Don't get the attacker any chance to attack you again. So what do you think about grabbing and locking as a defense? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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