How Would You React Against A Surprise Attack?

How would you react while someone surprises you? You might get scared or shocked. You might shout, move, make the distance or even fall on the ground. Your friends or relatives might surprise you to see your reaction. They will have a great laugh. You might also laugh later to think about your reaction. :)

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We can talk about what to do against a surprise attack, but the thing is, you are not prepared to face this kind of situation. You usually have no idea of what is going to happen. If you know it earlier, you will not be surprised, you are prepared to face that.

You can make your move whether it is parry, block, or make the distance or counter-attack if you sense it or see it coming. When you practice martial art, it helps you respond fast. As a result, there is a high chance to minimize the damage or you can defend the first strike.

From the surprising or shocking stage, you need to get to the defensive mode. The quicker you realize what is going on, the better. Well, the attacker might not tell you why they are attacking you. But it is certain that you are being attacked for some reasons.

The attacker can be successful to hit you in his first attempt. Then he will attack you again. You have to fight and stop the attacker instantly. You can get hurt, but do not let him put you in a vulnerable position. Or, if you are in a vulnerable position, do your best to get out of there.

So how would you react against a surprise attack? Please feel free to leave your comments below. That's it for now. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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If I get the surprise attack I would totally be shocked. but I know I need to stay calm and think about it was just happened and tried to defend myself and I know I have to do it quickly because it might be life and that situation

We all get shocked more or less against a surprise attack. It is not we did not expect that coming. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Reaction to surprise attack is always sudden as it is related to kind of person the individual it and is more harmful if the individual is always fearful and react to little things with getting hold of them selves.
I myself don't freak out on surprises because it is dangerous and can put me in harms way when reacting to it.
First thing that happen when surprise attack comes is my stimulus reaction which will respond to the fear and i do my best to put that under control and get hold of myself in other to protect what action coming my way.

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Yes, if someone is fearful, that person will react more if something happens surprisingly. You might not have that much control first, but how you would react after seeing the attack, that's up to you. Thank you for your comment!

Oh to be candid reaction to surprise attack is always sudden... but i will rather face my fear First thing that happen when surprise attack comes is my stimulus reaction which will respond to the fear and i do my best to put that under control and get hold of myself then face my fear of the unknown. Thanks for sharing you are doing well. Kudos