Is There Any Reason Behind The Attack?

He is such a nice guy, why does someone want to hurt him? You find no reason behind the attacks. Whether we understand it right away or not, there are some reasons behind any attack. The attackers definitely have some intentions.

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Even if you find no reason for the attack, maybe the attackers want to get something else. Attacking a particular person is a message for somebody else. Or, the attackers have to hurt someone to cover up their crime.

If the attacker is mentally sick, he will attack for any reason like revenge, ego, and hatred. Something happened to the attacker and he is taking revenge on attacking innocent people.

Why are you participating in the fighting competition? That's easy. To win the fight and get the trophy. Why do you fight in real life? To defend yourself and your loved ones. The attackers could have many reasons.

As soon as you understand the attacker's attacking reasons or intention, you can face that in a better way. And you can set your strategy to protect yourself.

For example, if the attacker wants to see you dead, giving money will not change his mind. On the flip side, If getting your money or asset is the attacker's intention, there is a chance that the attacker will let you go after getting that. If you want to avoid that from happening again, you know what to do.

So what do you think about this? The attackers attack without any reason or there are some reasons. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you very much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Every action initiated from the mind and that mind would not implement something into action without reason. Definitely, the attackers attacked with a reason. Like what you said, we may not know it, but reason is their behind the curtain.